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Jabiru Area School and Caulfield Grammar School Continue on Collaborative Journey

Building upon an established partnership, Jabiru Area School (JAS) and Caulfield Grammar School (CGS) are embarking on a new phase of collaboration supported by the City-Country Partnerships Program. This initiative, supported by the local Mirarr leaders, focuses on strengthening curriculum, technology access and on-country learning opportunities, and aims to improve educational outcomes and foster deeper connections between students and educators from diverse backgrounds.

The partnership leverages CGS’s existing remote base in Jabiru, established in 2020. A key component is the appointment of an additional teacher dedicated to facilitating CGS resources and expertise to benefit JAS students. This includes curriculum support in areas like English, numeracy and art, as well as specialised areas like English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD), where CGS has established resources.

Closing the technology gap is another crucial focus. The program proposes introducing regular Information and Communications Technology (ICT) lessons with appropriate computers and virtual conferencing capabilities. This will equip JAS students with the tools needed for online assessments and platforms, while also facilitating collaboration between CGS and JAS students in joint curriculum projects.

On-country learning experiences are also being expanded. The purchase of a school bus will enable regular field trips within Kakadu National Park, enriching VET units, Duke of Edinburgh Awards and joint outdoor activities for students from both schools. This immersive learning approach is crucial for fostering JAS students’ engagement and cultural understanding.

The partnership fosters a sustained relationship built on trust and shared commitment. The collaborative nature, exemplified by joint staff training and student exchange opportunities, creates a supportive environment where all learners are nurtured and challenged.

For JAS, the program aligns with its vision for collaborative curriculum development, evidence-based pedagogy and a supportive learning environment. For CGS, it aligns with the school’s values of fostering global citizenship, inclusivity and targeted philanthropy.

Beyond immediate benefits, the partnership aims for long-term sustainability. The allocated funding will lay the groundwork for a self-funded partnership in the future, with ongoing expenditure gradually transitioning to recurrent revenue.

For JAS students, the program offers improved numeracy and literacy programs, enriched curriculum opportunities, enhanced STEM learning and access to specialist teachers. It also provides opportunities for on-country learning, cultural exchange trips to CGS in Melbourne and potential future work experience with CGS remote programs.

For CGS students, the partnership deepens their understanding of remote Australia, enhances cultural awareness and develops their skills in collaboration, diversity awareness and inter-cultural communication. The partnership closes their ‘cultural knowledge’ gap. It also provides tangible opportunities to contribute to closing the educational gap for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

Overall, the JAS-CGS partnership represents a collaborative journey towards improved educational outcomes, cultural understanding, and a more inclusive learning landscape for students in both communities. By leveraging shared resources, expertise, and a commitment to equity, the program paves the way for a brighter future where students from diverse backgrounds can learn, grow and thrive together.

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