Community is an integral part of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. Community is more than just neighbours and friends, it is family. These relationships are maintained through involvement in community.

The positive impact of community and schools working together in harmony is why the community + school partnership educational model is producing such great results for students.

We encourage all community members that are interested in learning more about how you can get involved to reach out via the contact page. We hope you can join the journey.

“We need to focus on our positives not our deficits. We need to build resilience in our young people. To me personally, Gawura represents one of the most positive futures for our First Nations community in Sydney. These children are eager to learn, excelling in academic abilities, showing us that they want to achieve some big goals in their lives. They are my pride and joy.”

Pastor Ray Minniecon

Pastor Ray
Pastor Gordon

“Both Darkinjung and Barker recognise the importance of upholding Aboriginal cultural identities as we strive to improve the educational outcomes for our children, The school is a genuine partnership between Barker College and the Darkinjung community. Our children learn their own culture, language and heritage in an environment that celebrates who they are, all the while benefiting from the teaching excellence of Barker College.”

Sean Gordon, CEO Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council (2008-2018)

Empowered Communities Design Report 2015

“Indigenous people must continue to grow the ranks of their educated leadership. It is through education that Indigenous cultural, natural and organisational leaders will attain the skills, capabilities and confidence to walk in both worlds, keeping their culture strong while operating with confidence in the mainstream.” (p.39)

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