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Students are at the heart of everything Yadha Muru Foundation is striving to achieve.

They are empowered to create their own good path to learn, grow and thrive through an educational model designed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to reach the same achievement levels as their non-Indigenous peers.

This model comes to life through partnership with schools, families and communities working together to ensure students remaining connected to their culture throughout their education.

We encourage all students and families to connect with your local school if you are interested in learning more about this educational model.

At Darkinjung Barker the students had a strong sense that this was their school. At their old schools they felt dislocated and out of place; they were a minority. At DJB they belonged. Belonging meant they felt strong and safe and it gave them the confidence to learn and try new things; hard things. The personal growth in the students has been inspiring.

Professor Leanne Holt


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Yadha Muru Foundation (YMF) is an independent not-for-profit organisation formed in 2019 with the objective of assisting high-quality schools and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to come together in partnerships to develop pathways for their children to success in education and a thriving and fulfilling life. YMF is independent of the schools mentioned in this web site and does not receive any financial or other assistance from those schools.

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