Partnerships Program

Yadha Muru Foundation Ltd is the delivery organisation for the City-Country Partnerships Program (CCPP) and has facilitated the following partnerships:


The intended outcomes of the City-Country Partnerships Program are to:

Improve student outcomes and attendance rates, which are key drivers that will accelerate progress toward the 2031 Closing the Gap Agreement.


Accelerate progress toward meeting Target 5 of the Closing the Gap Agreement (the Agreement), which is for 96% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander 20–24 year olds to attain the qualification of Year 12 or equivalent by 2031.


It is expected that Partnerships may work towards the Intended Outcomes in a range of different ways depending on the unique local circumstances of each remote school and community, and the specific strengths and capabilities of the metropolitan school partner. The key advantage of the partnership model is that initiatives and solutions are tailored to the individual local conditions and the strengths of the partners.

Yadha Muru Foundation is excited to be working with the Australian Government in this significant initiative.

Sample Partnership Activities


Specia1list Workshops:

Workshops held at remote schools by subject specialist teachers.


Literacy & Numeracy Boost Camps:

Intensive camps, led by literacy and numeracy experts.


Remote Learning and Buddy Program:

A buddy system pairing students from partnering schools for weekly meetings and joint projects.


Cultural Exchange Projects:

Ongoing collaborative projects creating shared knowledge and storytelling.


Professional Development Exchanges:

Reciprocal visits for staff to share best practices in teaching and learning.


Immersion Experience:

Annual trips for students at remote schools to partnering schools in typically metropolitan areas, including interactive learning sessions and cultural tours.


On-Country Learning Adventures:

Annual trips for students at metropolitan schools to partnering schools in remote areas, focusing on cultural immersion and environmental education.

News Stories

YMF aims for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children to be empowered through education, with schools and communities working together to provide the best opportunities for them to successfully progress through all levels of their schooling, and then into post-school pathways.

Professor Leanne Holt


Expression of interest

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Yadha Muru Foundation (YMF) is an independent not-for-profit organisation formed in 2019 with the objective of assisting high-quality schools and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to come together in partnerships to develop pathways for their children to success in education and a thriving and fulfilling life. YMF is independent of the schools mentioned in this web site and does not receive any financial or other assistance from those schools.

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