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Sharing Knowledge on Hospitality in Warmun, Western Australia

Western Australian schools have formed an important part of the Australian Government’s City-Country Partnerships Program that supports the establishment of formal partnerships between high-performing metropolitan schools and remote schools with a high proportion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. Yadha Muru Foundation is excited to announce a partnership between Ngalangangpum School in Warmun (Kimberley region)  and Kolbe Catholic College in Rockingham (Perth).

The Ngalangangpum School is located in a remote area of Western Australia in the Warmun Community, 200 kilometres south of Kununurra and 160 kilometres north of Halls Creek. Ngalangangpum School is a Catholic school centred on the Mother and Child – a symbol of the two-way learning model, where traditional aspects of education are recognised and given status equal to that of other curriculum subjects. As a result, both Kija Curriculum and the Australian Curriculum are taught to local students.

Kolbe Catholic College is a co-educational Catholic secondary school that caters to 1200 students. Located just 45 kilometres from Perth, both schools are part of Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA).

Under the City-Country Partnerships program, this partnership will focus on sharing knowledge around hospitality, building on the expertise of Kolbe Catholic College and the remote Kimberley School, Ngalangangpum School, Warmun.

The partnership has been strategically selected because of the potential of hospitality as a context both for education more generally in Warmun, but also training and employment pathways for students in that school and wider community.

“With the support of the Australian Government, Yadha Muru Foundation is creating pathways for growth and bridging divides between remote and metropolitan schools in Western Australia,” explained Yadha Muru Foundation Chief Executive Officer, Sean Gordon.

“This partnership is not just about improving VET training or teaching hospitality skills, it’s about nurturing holistic learning, empowering communities, and laying foundations for a brighter future across the Kimberley,” concluded Mr Gordon.

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