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A shared vision for improved educational outcomes and cultural understanding for Katherine High School and Warakirri College

Yadha Muru Foundation announced a significant collaboration between Katherine High School in the Northern Territory and Warakirri College in Sydney.

As part of the City-Country Partnerships Program, this partnership aims to create new opportunities for improved learning outcomes and attendance rates for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. Both schools share a commitment to providing their students and staff with unique experiences, shared resources and a deeper understanding of diverse cultures.

Located in the Northern Territory, Katherine High School caters to a diverse student population, including remote and urban First Nations students representing over 30 language groups. The school has 492 enrolments, with an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population exceeding 60%.

Located in Sydney, Warakirri College serves young people seeking alternative pathways to completing Year 10 and Higher School Certificate studies. Offering an innovative program, Warakirri College caters to students who have disengaged from mainstream education or seek a learning environment beyond traditional settings. Its curriculum allows students to pursue projects that spark their interest, gain qualifications and engage in work experience, all within a supportive framework.

This partnership exemplifies Yadha Muru Foundation’s commitment to mutual benefit by leveraging the unique strengths of each school. Warakirri College, with its expertise in areas like speech therapy, crisis intervention and navigating NDIS and NCCD funding, brings valuable resources that wouldn’t otherwise be accessible in Katherine’s remote setting.

Conversely, Katherine High School offers Warakirri College students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the region’s rich Aboriginal culture and traditions through planned on-country experiences and shared activities. This cultural exchange fosters deeper understanding and appreciation for diverse perspectives, enriching the learning experience for all involved.

“We are excited to support this partnership between Katherine High School and Warakirri College,” expressed Prof. Leanne Holt, Chairperson of the Yadha Muru Foundation. “This collaboration has the potential to create an enriching learning environment that prepares students for the future while promoting understanding and appreciation for different cultures.”

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