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St Philip’s Christian College Gilibaa: An Example of YMF’s Impact

The Yadha Muru Foundation (YMF) played a pivotal role in the establishment of St Philip’s Christian College Gilibaa, a new Aboriginal school on Worimi Country in Port Stephens. This initiative, announced by SPCC in 2023, embodies YMF’s commitment to empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities through education.

The vision for Gilibaa originated from YMF co-founders Sean Gordon and Professor Leanne Holt. They approached SPCC with the desire to create a culturally-grounded learning space for Aboriginal students.

YMF provided crucial support to SPCC throughout the school’s development. This included advice on funding and financial strategies, as well as guidance on incorporating Aboriginal cultural education into the curriculum. YMF’s contribution was instrumental in bringing Gilibaa to life, ensuring its success as a space for Aboriginal students to learn, grow and thrive.

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