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Improving Educational Outcomes for Aboriginal Students in the Community of Woorabinda, QLD

With a focus on professional development and education engagement, Yadha Muru Foundation is supporting a City-Country Partnership between Wadja Wadja High School (WWHS) and Carinity Education Rockhampton (CER).

Both schools are based in Queensland with Wadja Wadja High School located in the remote community of Woorabinda. As an Independent co-educational Aboriginal Community School, Wadja Wadja supports more than 50 Aboriginal high school students.  The Australian Bureau of Statistics recently ranked this Indigenous community as the most disadvantaged local government area in Australia based on census data about income, education, employment and housing.

Carinity Education Rockhampton is a Special Assistance School (as part of the greater Carinity network), that offers a supportive learning environment for students who have not found success in mainstream schooling. CER works with students that have shown poor engagement. CER adds value to their educational journey, providing exceptional support and encouragement of a job or career beyond Year 12.

Under this Partnership, Yadha Muru Foundation sees great potential to make a positive difference to young people’s lives.

“Given the specialist skills of CER in working with students with disabilities and learning challenges, this Partnership has great potential for supporting the learning needs of those in the Woorabinda community school,” explains Yadha Muru Foundation Chief Executive Officer, Sean Gordon.

The partnership is crucial for addressing the challenges of WWHS’s remote location,  student wellbeing and student learning, ensuring students receive the necessary support to prevent disengagement and ensure teachers have access to improved professional development opportunities.

The partnership aims to enhance the educational journey for each student by improving school engagement and increasing completion rates for senior students.

“Yadha Muru Foundation is dedicated to creating a brighter future for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across Australia, and this Partnership is an important first step in enhancing educational opportunities and outcomes to positively impact the community of Woorabinda,” added Mr Gordon.

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