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Milingimbi Island Mob Visit Barker College

On Thursday, 15 June, the Mob from Milingimbi Island visited Barker College. Led by local Elder Ganygulpa, the group was excited to see the Manapan Furniture table in the office of the Head of Barker College, Phillip Heath. The table was made in Milingimbi, and Ganygulpa shared that Manapan means “coming together.”

The group enjoyed meeting with Phillip Heath and learning more about Barker College and its involvement in Dhupuma Barker – an independent, bilingual school operating in East Arnhem Land for K-6 students.

Coincidentally, Ganygulpa attended Dhupuma College during its operation from 1972 – 1979. This college later inspired the founding of the Dhupuma Project and Dhupuma Barker.

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